Way beyond the time, there’s a terrible experiment attempting to harness gravity for energy gone wrong and the mankind had to face the consequences as gravity of the earth reversed and nearly everyone and everything is sent flying from Earth.


‘Patema Inverted’ or ‘Sakasama no Patema’ is a beautiful sci-fi Japanese anime movie written and directed by Yasuhiro Yashiura, aired in 2013. The film won the Audience Award and the Judges Award at the 2013 Scotland Loves Anime. It was also nominated for the Asia-Pacific Screen Awards for the best Animated Feature Film and the 7th Asia-Pacific Screen Awards.


If you think that this movie is copy of the Hollywood movie ‘Upside Down’ which is aired in 2012 then you probably have to think twice. Though the main theme of the movie is similar to the Hollywood movie but the story line and the concept is entirely different. I am not here to differentiate these two movies as they both are great movies of their own.

‘Patema Inverted’ is the type of movie which you have to watch carefully and closely to know what really is happening. I had to watch it twice to fully understand the concept and the conclusion. It is a mild love story with lot of science defining gravity. If you mess up with the law of gravity it will surely leave you hanging.


In the plot of the movie some scientists mess up with the gravity and the gravity gets reversed leaving survivors who lives on the surface of the earth and the people who got affected by this change called ‘inverts’ lives underground as for them gravity is not the same as the people living on the surface. Surfaced society called ‘Aiga’ imposes rules to keep its people away from “danger zones” that surround the community. A girl named Patema who is from underground society accidentally falls on the other side and meets a boy named Eiji. Her gravity is inverted from his. Aiga’s controlling leader, Izamura, discovers Patema’s presence and has his army capture her to get to the invert’s community.

How Eiji saves Patema from the devilish hands of Izamura?

What happens to the invert’s community?

Who actually defies the law of gravity?

To unravel the truth you need to watch this amazing movie. Some reviewers didn’t like the ending, as per my opinion they didn’t clearly understand the concept. I had to watch the climax several times to get to the point. So to really enjoy this movie you need to have your basics clear. I liked the ending track of the movie. It’s too catchy and I am singing it since although I don’t speak Japanese. I hope you will like it too.




A beautiful animation of all times I feel. ‘A Letter to Momo’ is a 2011 Japanese anime drama movie premiered at Toronto International Film Festival and was released in 2012 in Japan.


This is a story of 11-year-old Momo Miyaura who moves with her mother to a small island town from Tokyo after her father dies, who has an unfinished letter left by her father which contains only the words “Dear Momo.” When she arrives, she encounters three goblins that others cannot see help her move on with her life.


The pain and agony she feels when she misses her father remembering the last time she saw him and wondering what would her father wanted to write in that letter will bring out the tears from your eye. A very beautiful representation of the bond between a father and a daughter. The part of the story shows how her mother after all her griefs stayed put and worked hard for her and her daughter. But then life becomes much easier for Momo when she encounters the three goblins sent by her father to take a good care of them. The movie is an emotional roller coaster ride and will bind you till the end. I will highly recommend this movie. After watching this you will regret the arguments you have had with your parents and will realize their love and sacrifice they have made for you.



Yesterday, I was going through the anime series list and deciding what to watch and I came across the series called ‘Ayakashi- Japanese Classic Horror Tales’ as I am fascinated with the horror stories so much that I thought to give it a try.


‘Ayakashi- Japanese Classic Horror Tales’ is a Japanese animated horror anthology television series produced by Toei Animations and has just one season consisting of eleven episodes, 22 minutes of run time each, aired in 2006.

The series is made of three different independent stories so I am going to review each story separately.



‘Goddess of the dark tower’ is a story of a forbidden love between a human and a forgotten god. It’s really a heart touching love story beautifully made. In this story, you will uncover the truth of why the god is forgotten and forced to survive on human flesh and blood and later the reason of their ultimate downfall. And what happened to the human who fell in love with the god.



Yotsuya is a retelling of a Japanese folklore written in the 18th century by Nanboku Tsuruya IV. In the anime, Nanboku himself becomes the narrator and retells the story of a young and beautiful girl ‘Oiwa’, how she got betrayed by her own husband Tamiya and commits suicide when she came to know of his treachery. oiwa’s vengeful spirit could not rest in peace and she lays a curse on everyone involved with her demise. It’s a classic folklore and very well narrated. Why Tamiya betray his love? What pain and agony Oiwa went through? All these questions will be answered once you watch it. On add up Oiwa has a sister and in this anime you will also get to know her story and why she died.



The episodes are presented like a play, with sliding screens taking the place of curtains. The tale takes place in the ‘Edo period’. On the day of her marriage ‘Lady Mao’ dies mysteriously. Later found out that this is a work of a Goblin Cat who has a grudge upon this clan household and started haunting and killing more people as time passes. A medicine peddler comes to the rescue and revealed the hidden back story of the demon cat on the process. After watching this story you will start questioning yourself who is the real villain here, the goblin cat or the household?

If you like folklores and anthologies you will love the anime series Ayakashi. It is not that scary and won’t give you jump scares but the stories are heart-warming and worth giving a try.

P.S.- I love the starting track of the series. If anybody know/get the link to download the song please let me know.


Since last two days I was binge watching an anime series called ‘Ghost Hunt’.unnamed

And gladly I have completed watching it as it just has only one season composed of twenty-five episodes, run time is twenty-four minutes each, aired in 2006, based on the manga series written and illustrated by Shiho Inada. I was really amazed and disappointed that there is no second season as I loved the first one. Story goes like there’s a psychic research centre named ‘Shibuya Psychic Research’ owned by Kazuya Shibuya, a stubborn and focussed personality I must say, work with his only assistant Lin. They have hi-tech instruments and cameras to detect and hunt the ghosts. So they are basically ghost hunters usually hired by the people who experienced paranormal phenomenon. Later the team gets bigger in number as they were solving the case of Mai Taniyama’s school building, a first-year high schooler who becomes his assistant and joined by a monk (named Houshou Takigawa but called Monk), a self-styled shrine maiden (Ayako Matsuzaki), a famous medium (Masako Hara), and an Australian Catholic Priest (John Brown) and a fourth-year high-schooler named Yasuhara (in episode 14).

Masako Hara

The series is a must watch for those who are into supernatural comedy genre. As I personally felt that there’s a bits of comedy here and there because one of the main character named Mai’s humorous thoughts. It was lightened up the mood and brought a smile on my face and there were scenes I laughed too. People who are hard-core horror fans will lose their interest as this series is not too spooky or scary but has a charm to engage the audience till the last episode. Moreover, if you are watching it in your home theatre or with speakers or head phones, you will get to experience the eerie music/sound at the background which can give you a jump scare in few scenes (P.S.- I got some and closed my eyes because this is the best tactic I can use).

Mai Taniyama obviously with a ghost

It has a good story plot with twist and turns where it’s needed. Even the story of cases and how these ghost hunters solve them is interesting to watch and pretty much engaging as you never know what plans they come up with. And Every character reveals their special move or power episode by episode. It keeps you guessing what’s next? when you will start watching it case by case as there are five to six cases in this entire series. I loved the character Mai and her funny thoughts and Shibuya with his charm and the way he solves the cases. I liked the ending musical composition as well but the starting musical composition is kind of spooky.

Catholic priest John Brown